Bon Jovi decided released a compilation under the trivial name «Greatest Hits»

Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Its release on 9 November at Island Records and will consist of two versions. The first of these, which will be called «Greatest Hits», become sixteen songs, including «Livin ‘On A Prayer», «Always», «It’s My Life», «Wanted Dead or Alive», «Who Says You Can ‘t Go Home »and the new single. The second, called the «Greatest Hits – The Ultimate Collection», will twenty-eight songs. Among them will be hits and favorite tracks fan group, and two new songs. All four new songs, «No Apologies», «The More Things Change», «This is Love», «This is Life». The famous rock quartet recorded specifically for the collection of hits.

Detailed track listing of the collection «Greatest Hits» will be written later. Will be announced later, Bon Jovi released eleven studio albums, the last of which was released in October last year and was named «The Circle».

Compilation on the «Greatest Hits» – is not the first greatest hits album team. The first one was released in entitled «Cross Road». In addition to well-known hits Jon Bon Jovi & Co. in his songs included Nova «Always» and «Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night». Bon Jovi: best songs, videos, quotes and facts of life in the dossier of Issue compilation 2010 «Tokyo Road: Best of Bon Jovi» took place in Japan. If you wish to know more musical news about this band, only visit our site. Find out more about Bon Jovi tickets.


Another collection, «This Left Feels Right», released in 2009. It includes acoustic versions of popular songs of Bon Jovi.  Jon Bon Jovi: «At my funeral should be played The Beatles». During his career as a musician has sold more than 130 million copies of discs.

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Summer Rihanna’s tour


You need to know the coefficient for the calculation of which were composed of different lists to certain categories of success in the music business. Thus,Rihanna’s positions in these categories are in the following:

1. View the official video on Youtube.

Rihanna takes the first place!

2. Album sales.

Then she took the fifth position, with 2.960,00 copies sold.

3. Digital downloads of tracks.

In this list, Rihanna also took the fifth position, her track lists were downloaded 18,001,000 times.

4. The songs are listened on the radio.

In Rihanna’s 601 score about songs on the radio, and it is on the third line!


Rihanna scored 223.1 point to find her songs on the charts BILLBOARD HOT 100 and finished fourth.

6. Social Networksare always talked about Rihanna’s life

Rihanna page in facebook “layknulo” 38.7 million people, it has 5.7 million followers on Twitter and you end up with 44.5 million. In this ranking, it takes second place!

7. Tours

Rihanna earned 49.5 million dollars for her concerts and took the seventh position. This summer you can visit some of her tour concerts, if you buy Rihanna tickets.

8. Awards

This year, won three Grammy Awards Rihanna, but she was nominated for seven, won a statuette of the AMA, BMA five prizes, four awards and four People Choice Award BET. Thus, the number of points in this ranking is 30 and she takes the 4th place.

9. Ratings album critics

10. Index of pop queen, according to estimates of previous lists

Thus, the results of Rihanna this year, she ranked the third in the list of pop queens of the year!


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New art – works from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Presented her new video for the song «Back to December» from her latest album «Speak Now» became a bestseller in the U.S… Unlike previous works, this clip proved to be somewhat drab and boring and autobiographical. Critics have called his “Ode to Taylor Lautner. “This video and song is a kind of apology for the singer to her former boyfriend film actor and star of the saga ‘Twilight’ Taylor Lautner.

Lautner, however, was quite surprised and song and the fact that he was a hero of the clip of his former girlfriend. At the same prospect of being back in the spotlight and make some comments about their relationship it is absolutely not attractive, especially now that the actor met with another girl and it looks like their relationship to – more serious than those that were with him and Swift. Stars of PR do anything. Even details of his personal life. Therefore, the other day in the foreign press reported that another couple in love celebrities no longer exists. At this time, persons involved in gossip columns are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to a close friend of the actor one of American magazines, their relationship had died in the bud. New Year’s holidays ex-lovers were held separately, and the rift between them happened in the last month.

“Their relationship is over. This happened back in December. It turned out that Jake and Taylor have little in common. Jake said that with her he does not feel comfortable. Perhaps it is because of differences in age, maybe because of something else. Simply, they decided that their relationship has no future.” Taylor Swift tickets can do your life more brightly.

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Do you know for what Lady Gaga is banned again?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga again remained unnecessary. More specifically need it all, while singing, but here she sings not just, what you need. Moreover, why she likes everything, it is not $ 100 in the end.

This time, the singer banned in Lebanon because of “abuse of Christianity. “Well, who would have dared to encroach on one of the oldest religions? Itching singer, everything about it is the most sacred and sublime.

Moreover, not even because this is not a good Gaga, and because one of the last clips «Judas» too provocative for orthodoxy. She’s not just singing about Judas, but also plays a very seductive Maria in the video for this song. Show business stars have not yet tried to get around in outrageous singer, so these tricks just kicks Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga tickets can give you a chance to protect singer from abuse.

Several thousand copies of the disk has already arrived in the country, were seized by the authorities. This week «Born This Way» has kept the leading position in the charts in England, and immediately after the head and chart magazine Billboard – it first week sales exceeded 1 million copies. It was noted that approximately 450 thousand records were sold through Amazon, and damages the online store were about $ 3 million.

Lady Gaga is threatened with bankruptcy!

            Passion for outrageous outfit’s is almost ruined Lady Gaga. The singer told reporters that have spent huge money on extravagant costumes for the tour, “Monster’s Ball” and the risk of becoming insolvent.

After eighteen months tour, consisting of 200 concerts, the actress got into debt and now has 1.82 million pounds. However, she did not even guess what might go bankrupt.

25-year-old singer recently rebelled in conversations with her agents: “Why does everyone say that I have no money? How can this be if I had five singles, which occupied the first place?”- And heard in reply:” Because you’ve got to $ 3 million. ”

The singer explains that she knew nothing about their debt, because the money in her life are not the most important role.

“Honestly, the money did not matter to me, – said Lady Gaga.- My biggest purchases were for his father’s heart valve and Rolls-Royce for the parents on their wedding anniversary. “Choice Rolls-Royce Lady Gaga explained by the fact that his father stood on the machine room with her name and her fans follow him everywhere.

By the way, despite their financial difficulties, the singer has recently led the list of 100 most influential stars of the world of show business magazine Forbes. Queen outrageous pressed from the top of the popular TV presenter in America, Oprah Winfrey, who for years has been in first place in this list.

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The Mayhem Festival is a touring metal festival


Read also about rock band Coheed&Cambria.

The Mayhem Festival is a touring metal festival that takes place starting around early July and ending in August. There will be many rock groups.«Indestructible Tour» concert tour by American rock band Disturbed.

Tour traveled to the United States as in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Concert DVD, titled Indestructible in Germany, which shows part of the tour group in 2008 issue of Rock Am Ring in Nurburgring, Germany, was released on November 27, 2008.

Disturbed is – an American nu-metal and heavy metal band formed in Chicago, Illinois musicians Dan Doniganom, Kmakom Steve, Mike and David Vengren Dreyman .Since forming the group, they have sold more than 11 million albums worldwide and released five studio albums, which made them one of the most successful rock groups in recent years

«Asylum» (2010 – till present time)

            April 21, 2010 Disturbed announced the title of his new album – «Asylum». This album was released on Reprise label in the late summer. As in the case of «Indestructible», Disturbed are producing «Asylum». Composition of the material began in September 2008 and a record – in February 2009. Disturbed at the official site is already possible to listen to previews new single «Another way to die». The single was released on June 15.Also appeared on Youtube clip to the song. The album will include 12 tracks. July 15 at the official site has uploaded a new song – Asylum. Song available for download c July 20 iTunes Music Store, as well as on other sites. If you buy the Rockstar Energy Festival tickets you could see and hear many other rock bands.






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Adam took part in the “Origin” of the U2 group.



Read also other one of my post about U2 –Bono is the lead singer of rock group U2 and founder.

Adam Charles Clayton (born March 13, 1960 in the village of Chinnor, Oxfordshire, UK). He is bass guitarist, of the Irish rock band U2.[1] Adam Clayton – a British citizen, but the age of five living in the Irish county of Dublin, when his family in 1965 moved to Malahide. Clayton is well known for playing on the bass guitar and songs such as New Year’s Day and With or Without You. During his career, he worked on several solo projects, such as theme music for the film in 1996 “Mission Impossible” (with bandmate Larry Mullen Jr.). As part of U2 Adam Clayton has received 22 awards “Grammy”


            Adam is the eldest child of Brian and Joe Clayton, born March 13, 1960 in the English village of Chinnor Oxfordshire. In 5 years the family moved to Clayton from Oxfordshire in Malahide, near Dublin, where was born his brother Sebastian. The family of Clayton became friends with Evans, whose two sons, Dick and Dave (better known by the nickname Edge, Eng. The Edge), were part of the original group Feedback, which was born out of U2.

Clayton went to boarding school at College of St. Columba in Ratfarnhame, a southern suburb of Dublin. Later, he changed the school for educational Mount Temple, Dublin, where he met with band members: Paul Hewson (Bono) and Larry Mullen Jr., and was reunited with a childhood friend of Dave Evans. Mullen posted on the school message board for musicians with a proposal to create an affinity group, Clayton had the first show, which was also attended by Dave Evans and his brother Dick and two friends Mullen: Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin.Latter left the band even at an embryonic stage. While the group was a quintet consisting of Bono, The Edge, Mullen and Clayton Evans, it was called Feedback. Then changed its name to The Hype, followed by the departure of Dick Evans was named U2. Clayton served as group manager. Read more about U2.

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“Goodbye time” – an autobiographical representation (Blake Shalton)

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

Blake is a kind of person who thinks more deeply than others. His world outlook is can be seen in the songs. He says – “I like people who have the same interests as I have. These people usually enjoy a good food and a good company. They are usually fairly easy-going as well. That is, they are tolerant of other people with different ideas about life and other things. They do not mind if other people have completely different opinions from theirs as long as they are willing to discuss those opinions calmly. On the other hand, I do not get on with people who are very untidy or selfish. For example, my ex girlfriend once came to stay with me and left her clothes all over my flat. She did not bother to help with the washing – up after I cooked for her. When we went out for a meal once, she expected me to pay for it. She was not my friend after that. That is the kind of person I do not like.” Lost relationship forever the singer had shown in this clip.

Shelton, likes people who do not argue with him! He does not like those who get upset or angry just because someone else smokes a cigarette or cigar near them. He recently was at one party, and after we had a good meal, he took out a cigar and it had inspired him to write a song. Blake Shelton tickets – will open Blake’s world more deeply.


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Did you know that July 3 – declared as a Day of Lady Gaga?

Two millionth power Taichung, one of the largest administrative centers in Taiwan, announced July 3 the Day of Lady Gaga, thus celebrating the superstar’s first landing on Chinese soil.


During Sunday’s meeting with the city, leaders were awarded the singer by the symbolic keys to the city and her portrait of the author’s local artist.


“I am touched these gifts simply amazing! – said Lady Gaga to the crowd. – I will cherish them always with the lightest feeling remember this day! ”


Gaga had come to Taiwan to play a free benefit concert. Performance was held in Taichung and Central Park was attended by more than 40 thousand spectators.  Lady GaGa thinks a title about a new round tour.


To get into the concerts is not easy ‘cause the list of the Lady Gaga tickets is limit.


The two-year tour Gaga “Monster Ball” was completed only in May, but the singer is not going on vacation. “Mommy Monster” has already hard thought over the name of the future concerts.


One option was “The Born This Way Ball”, which contains a new (top plate) and old (the prefix “ball” from the previous round).


“I was not sure until the end, but the title will include some of the mutations The Born This Way Ball and The” Third “Monsterball. Brain spews something, wait “- writes Gaga on Twitter.


The last round has enriched the singer more than 227 million dollars, so the desire to return quickly to Gaga concerts is logical. No exact dates were not disclosed, but is likely to begin touring in early 2012. Do not waste your time to be there!

Photo by Ben Heine



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A strange changes in the group Incubus



Cut Chemist was invited to the group. Did you know who this person is? Lucas McFadden (born Lucas MacFadden, born October 4, 1972), better known as Cut Chemist – a former member of the Latin-funk-team Ozomatli and hip-hop group Jurassic 5. Also participated in several projects with his friend, DJ Shadow.

The first full-length solo album, The Audience’s Listening, Cut Chemist released July 11, 2006. The title track was used for Apple iPod nano in advertising the 2nd generation.

In 2007, played a teacher of chemistry in the movie “Juno” thus justifying the second part of his stage name.

The first full-length solo album, The Audience’s Listening, Cut Chemist, along with DJ Shadow in early 2008 set off a world tour in support of the album «The Hard Sell». Also participated in the tour opening for Kid Koala.

In the spring of the 2003rd came the news that bassist Dirk Lance left the band. However, a few days later a vacancy was filled Eisinger friend and former member of The Roots Ben Kenney. How could Ben Kenney had left such famous band as Roots and went into another? Did you know for what reason this band is famous for? The Roots is an American hip-hop band from Philadelphia, Grammy winners. Known for their jazzy approach to hip-hop, emphasized live musical instruments. Their debut album was released in 1993, and they worked tirelessly with many artists of genres, including Roy Ayers and Cody Chesnutt. The Roots have received many positive reviews from critics, and had a tremendous influence on rap and R & B.March 2, 2009, steel band playing in a show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Incubus tour starts in Jule, so You can find best Incubus tickets now!

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Rihanna is the most attractive woman in the Showbiz



One of the most authoritative campaigns, a developer of the popular Internet service Google, is an annual ranking of the most requested online celebrities. This year, Rihanna once again listed among the most popular women on the web version of Google and won 3rd place (2010 Rihanna was in 5th place with a score of 53.900.000).

The word «Rihanna» Google’s estimated 384,000,000 has been requested times. At this time, a vote shall Billboard, which sums up this semester in the music industry by organizing a vote to determine best of the best. Unfortunately, out of 13 nominations, Rihanna is nominated in the category only «Favorite No.1 Hot 100 Song »(Favorite song-№ 1 Hot 100 chart) with the song« S & M ». But you can vote for Rihanna, selecting an answer «Other» and write there name of your favorite singer. On the last week recently in Chiba (Japan) music awards ceremony in 2011 MTV Video Music Aid Japan Rihanna won two of three possible categories:


  •             Best R&B video – Rihanna – «Only Girl (In the World)»
  •             Best Collaboration – Eminem featuring Rihanna – «Love the Way You Lie»

Very nice to see that Rihanna is popular all over the world and that its estimated labor everywhere. Rihanna tickets you can order on this link

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