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Coheed And Cambria – the best progressive rock!

American progressive rock team from New York. The group was formed in 1995 under the name Beautiful Loser, in 1996 became known as Shabutie, since 2001 called Coheed And Cambria. Coheed And Cambria make music as it is surprising, which … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga’s from Miami

“I know not everyone will like me, but this is who I am so if you don’t like it, tough!” -Lady Gaga. Unless you are living under a pop-style, you know who is Lady Gaga. She’s the most famous 24 … Continue reading

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Rush concert in Cleveland

Also here another my post about Rush. Do you know the author of such songs as: “Far Cry”, “Spindrift”, “Bravest Face”, “We Hold On” ,and many others?. The author is Neil Peart, grew up in Port Dalhousie, and had no … Continue reading

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Bieber’s platinum creation

Read my firs post about Justin Bieber. The first single, Bieber’s, “One Time”, was released for the radio during Bieber recorded his first album. The song sited № 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 in the first week after its … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga’s in Austin

Gaga’s stage image is her real life, she does not play. Since early childhood, Spartan principles were cultivated to Stefani. After all, no matter what no matter how she always gets her way because she is very strong. When she … Continue reading

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Celtic Woman and Indianapolis

On the Celtic Woman concert halls, performances are always crowded with people of different ages, nationalities, social classes, the songs of five magical girls can’t leave indifferent. Number of page views and listen to their concerts had been  achieved  the … Continue reading

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Rush tickets in New York

You can read my first post about Rush here. In general, Rush should be proud with their 24 “gold” records and 14-th “platinum” (+ 3 multi-“Platinum”). This statistic puts them in fifth place after the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, the Beatles, … Continue reading

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Concert of the band Bon Jovi

Good rock music have a positive emotional impact on people to such classification we can include Bon Jovi songs, especially their hits “It’s My Life”, “Thank You For Loving Me”, “When We Were Beautiful”, “Superman Tonight”, which successfully introduced the … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber’s new performance

If You interesting – read my post Kenny’s popularity became into many awards. Creative, charming, handsome, gifted 17-year boy, yes it is all has an attitude to Justin! His song “Pray” is so sensitive and can touch everybody! In one … Continue reading

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Swift in Chicago

My previous about Taylor Swift. In 2009 MTV Video Music Awards-Taylor Alison Swift became the first country music artist to win. When Swift was on stage accepting the award for Best video “You Belong with Me” some unpleasant accident happened … Continue reading

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