Swift in Chicago

Taylor Swift 2011

My previous about Taylor Swift. In 2009 MTV Video Music Awards-Taylor Alison Swift became the first country music artist to win. When Swift was on stage accepting the award for Best video “You Belong with Me” some unpleasant accident happened with her, the rapper Kanye West snatched the microphone from singer hands and had been offended her dignity publicly, contend that Beyonce’s video for “Single Ladies” is able to deserve this nomination.It was an awful spectacle…You can not even imagine which feelings raged throughout her heart maybe she felt pain, sadness, offence or even disappointment but it was a matter of a few minutes. When Beyonce won the award she called Taylor up on stage, where the singer could bravely finished the speech. Taylor did everything what was expected of her strong personality. Her musical creations are reliable, because Swift had let it through the mind and heart. Swift’s concert in magic Chicago would be on top. Just visit The Moon Tickets to buy a country tickets. Many fans are looking forward to the concert coming only there they can see beautiful, charming, cute and always natural Taylor Swift. Have a good time.


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