Kid Rock’s creative life on the field of Show-business

Kid Rock

Kid Rock

In 1999, the Rock performed at the festival “Woodstock-99” among such stars of the nu-metal and rap metal, as “KoRn” and “Limp Bizkit”. The following year, the musician was filmed in the movie “The Adventures of Joe slut”, and recorded an album, “History of Rock”, which also became super popular. It included songs previously recorded on the album “The Polyfuze Method”, “Fire it Up!”, “Early Mornin ‘Stoned Pimp”. The only new song was “American Bad Ass”. Find Kid Rock tickets if You want to hear this hot country songs from Kid Rock in May!

November 16, 2000 Joe C is dead; the famous dwarf member of Kid Rock band, and it was hard going through his death. The following year, Rock had a romance with Pamela Anderson. These relationship has became discussed very frequently in the media and Rock with Pamela got on the various tabloids.

In 2001 he released another album Kid Rock “Cocky”, “Forever”, “Lonely Road of Faith”, “You Never Met a Mother Fucker Quite Like Me” and “Picture” were out as singles. Country Album trend particularly evident in the song «Picture», recorded with Sheryl Crow. The song became a hit, and Rock were recognized in the world of country music. More trends in Country style Kid Rock brings the album «Kid Rock» (2003). The main hit has become a track of «Feel Like Makin ‘Love» of the group «Bad Company». December 31, 2003 Rock had hosted the show “with Kid Rock Christmas” broadcasts on the music channel «VH1».


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