Rihanna is the most attractive woman in the Showbiz



One of the most authoritative campaigns, a developer of the popular Internet service Google, is an annual ranking of the most requested online celebrities. This year, Rihanna once again listed among the most popular women on the web version of Google and won 3rd place (2010 Rihanna was in 5th place with a score of 53.900.000).

The word «Rihanna» Google’s estimated 384,000,000 has been requested times. At this time, a vote shall Billboard, which sums up this semester in the music industry by organizing a vote to determine best of the best. Unfortunately, out of 13 nominations, Rihanna is nominated in the category only «Favorite No.1 Hot 100 Song »(Favorite song-№ 1 Hot 100 chart) with the song« S & M ». But you can vote for Rihanna, selecting an answer «Other» and write there name of your favorite singer. On the last week recently in Chiba (Japan) music awards ceremony in 2011 MTV Video Music Aid Japan Rihanna won two of three possible categories:


  •             Best R&B video – Rihanna – «Only Girl (In the World)»
  •             Best Collaboration – Eminem featuring Rihanna – «Love the Way You Lie»

Very nice to see that Rihanna is popular all over the world and that its estimated labor everywhere. Rihanna tickets you can order on this link


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