“Goodbye time” – an autobiographical representation (Blake Shalton)

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

Blake is a kind of person who thinks more deeply than others. His world outlook is can be seen in the songs. He says – “I like people who have the same interests as I have. These people usually enjoy a good food and a good company. They are usually fairly easy-going as well. That is, they are tolerant of other people with different ideas about life and other things. They do not mind if other people have completely different opinions from theirs as long as they are willing to discuss those opinions calmly. On the other hand, I do not get on with people who are very untidy or selfish. For example, my ex girlfriend once came to stay with me and left her clothes all over my flat. She did not bother to help with the washing – up after I cooked for her. When we went out for a meal once, she expected me to pay for it. She was not my friend after that. That is the kind of person I do not like.” Lost relationship forever the singer had shown in this clip.

Shelton, likes people who do not argue with him! He does not like those who get upset or angry just because someone else smokes a cigarette or cigar near them. He recently was at one party, and after we had a good meal, he took out a cigar and it had inspired him to write a song. Blake Shelton tickets – will open Blake’s world more deeply.



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