Adam took part in the “Origin” of the U2 group.



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Adam Charles Clayton (born March 13, 1960 in the village of Chinnor, Oxfordshire, UK). He is bass guitarist, of the Irish rock band U2.[1] Adam Clayton – a British citizen, but the age of five living in the Irish county of Dublin, when his family in 1965 moved to Malahide. Clayton is well known for playing on the bass guitar and songs such as New Year’s Day and With or Without You. During his career, he worked on several solo projects, such as theme music for the film in 1996 “Mission Impossible” (with bandmate Larry Mullen Jr.). As part of U2 Adam Clayton has received 22 awards “Grammy”


            Adam is the eldest child of Brian and Joe Clayton, born March 13, 1960 in the English village of Chinnor Oxfordshire. In 5 years the family moved to Clayton from Oxfordshire in Malahide, near Dublin, where was born his brother Sebastian. The family of Clayton became friends with Evans, whose two sons, Dick and Dave (better known by the nickname Edge, Eng. The Edge), were part of the original group Feedback, which was born out of U2.

Clayton went to boarding school at College of St. Columba in Ratfarnhame, a southern suburb of Dublin. Later, he changed the school for educational Mount Temple, Dublin, where he met with band members: Paul Hewson (Bono) and Larry Mullen Jr., and was reunited with a childhood friend of Dave Evans. Mullen posted on the school message board for musicians with a proposal to create an affinity group, Clayton had the first show, which was also attended by Dave Evans and his brother Dick and two friends Mullen: Ivan McCormick and Peter Martin.Latter left the band even at an embryonic stage. While the group was a quintet consisting of Bono, The Edge, Mullen and Clayton Evans, it was called Feedback. Then changed its name to The Hype, followed by the departure of Dick Evans was named U2. Clayton served as group manager. Read more about U2.


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