Do you know for what Lady Gaga is banned again?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga again remained unnecessary. More specifically need it all, while singing, but here she sings not just, what you need. Moreover, why she likes everything, it is not $ 100 in the end.

This time, the singer banned in Lebanon because of “abuse of Christianity. “Well, who would have dared to encroach on one of the oldest religions? Itching singer, everything about it is the most sacred and sublime.

Moreover, not even because this is not a good Gaga, and because one of the last clips «Judas» too provocative for orthodoxy. She’s not just singing about Judas, but also plays a very seductive Maria in the video for this song. Show business stars have not yet tried to get around in outrageous singer, so these tricks just kicks Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga tickets can give you a chance to protect singer from abuse.

Several thousand copies of the disk has already arrived in the country, were seized by the authorities. This week «Born This Way» has kept the leading position in the charts in England, and immediately after the head and chart magazine Billboard – it first week sales exceeded 1 million copies. It was noted that approximately 450 thousand records were sold through Amazon, and damages the online store were about $ 3 million.

Lady Gaga is threatened with bankruptcy!

            Passion for outrageous outfit’s is almost ruined Lady Gaga. The singer told reporters that have spent huge money on extravagant costumes for the tour, “Monster’s Ball” and the risk of becoming insolvent.

After eighteen months tour, consisting of 200 concerts, the actress got into debt and now has 1.82 million pounds. However, she did not even guess what might go bankrupt.

25-year-old singer recently rebelled in conversations with her agents: “Why does everyone say that I have no money? How can this be if I had five singles, which occupied the first place?”- And heard in reply:” Because you’ve got to $ 3 million. ”

The singer explains that she knew nothing about their debt, because the money in her life are not the most important role.

“Honestly, the money did not matter to me, – said Lady Gaga.- My biggest purchases were for his father’s heart valve and Rolls-Royce for the parents on their wedding anniversary. “Choice Rolls-Royce Lady Gaga explained by the fact that his father stood on the machine room with her name and her fans follow him everywhere.

By the way, despite their financial difficulties, the singer has recently led the list of 100 most influential stars of the world of show business magazine Forbes. Queen outrageous pressed from the top of the popular TV presenter in America, Oprah Winfrey, who for years has been in first place in this list.


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