New art – works from Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Presented her new video for the song «Back to December» from her latest album «Speak Now» became a bestseller in the U.S… Unlike previous works, this clip proved to be somewhat drab and boring and autobiographical. Critics have called his “Ode to Taylor Lautner. “This video and song is a kind of apology for the singer to her former boyfriend film actor and star of the saga ‘Twilight’ Taylor Lautner.

Lautner, however, was quite surprised and song and the fact that he was a hero of the clip of his former girlfriend. At the same prospect of being back in the spotlight and make some comments about their relationship it is absolutely not attractive, especially now that the actor met with another girl and it looks like their relationship to – more serious than those that were with him and Swift. Stars of PR do anything. Even details of his personal life. Therefore, the other day in the foreign press reported that another couple in love celebrities no longer exists. At this time, persons involved in gossip columns are Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to a close friend of the actor one of American magazines, their relationship had died in the bud. New Year’s holidays ex-lovers were held separately, and the rift between them happened in the last month.

“Their relationship is over. This happened back in December. It turned out that Jake and Taylor have little in common. Jake said that with her he does not feel comfortable. Perhaps it is because of differences in age, maybe because of something else. Simply, they decided that their relationship has no future.” Taylor Swift tickets can do your life more brightly.


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