Summer Rihanna’s tour


You need to know the coefficient for the calculation of which were composed of different lists to certain categories of success in the music business. Thus,Rihanna’s positions in these categories are in the following:

1. View the official video on Youtube.

Rihanna takes the first place!

2. Album sales.

Then she took the fifth position, with 2.960,00 copies sold.

3. Digital downloads of tracks.

In this list, Rihanna also took the fifth position, her track lists were downloaded 18,001,000 times.

4. The songs are listened on the radio.

In Rihanna’s 601 score about songs on the radio, and it is on the third line!


Rihanna scored 223.1 point to find her songs on the charts BILLBOARD HOT 100 and finished fourth.

6. Social Networksare always talked about Rihanna’s life

Rihanna page in facebook “layknulo” 38.7 million people, it has 5.7 million followers on Twitter and you end up with 44.5 million. In this ranking, it takes second place!

7. Tours

Rihanna earned 49.5 million dollars for her concerts and took the seventh position. This summer you can visit some of her tour concerts, if you buy Rihanna tickets.

8. Awards

This year, won three Grammy Awards Rihanna, but she was nominated for seven, won a statuette of the AMA, BMA five prizes, four awards and four People Choice Award BET. Thus, the number of points in this ranking is 30 and she takes the 4th place.

9. Ratings album critics

10. Index of pop queen, according to estimates of previous lists

Thus, the results of Rihanna this year, she ranked the third in the list of pop queens of the year!



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