The premiere of a new music video of Katy Perry and Kanye West.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

It was performed a premiere of a new vide of Katy Perry and Kanye West ET, in which the singer appears in a completely new and absolutely fantastic image.

In writing songs attended rapper Kanye West and it is from his “solo” begins, the clip.Kanye soars in weightlessness in outer space, which gradually emerge the outlines of fantastic alien creatures. In the newcomers do not immediately discern the features of Katy Perry – make-up artists and costume designers did their best. Surprisingly fascinating, but not surprised – somewhere we’ve already seen: Lady Gaga “spoiled” We like the characters.

Kanye West in contrast to Katie looks like a human and dressed in strip clothes. The video has been demonstrated only yesterday, but immediately hit will be number one in the U.S.

ET (short for extraterrestrial – extraterrestrial, alien) – this is the fourth single from the album «California Dreams». The song has already become a number one hit in the U.S., and now after the release of the video, which just will say set off to conquer of the world.

Nevertheless, still nice to see usually caramel-cloying Katie in a new role. The singer herself says, that expands the boundaries of ET:

“This is new music for me. It is a little harder, my urban-sounding. In the song so much if you put on your headphones and immerse yourself in the sound you will hear the full range of the sound”.

Moreover, on my way . Everyone says, “You’re, like, a little doll! Always in the pink!”. It’s great to shake the audience, to show that I can do more, you’ve got a lot of things hidden in my sleeve.”

Katie happily wrote in Twitter: “I’ve just learned that “ET” leader in all the charts. To think four times in a rowthis is an amazing record. I am in tears of joy.”

The only person who is unlikely to be impressed by the success is Cathy Perry’s mother, Mary Hudson. This week it published her memoirs, which tells how badly showbiz has affected on her daughter. If you buy Katy Perry’s tickets you will be more happier to know the last news about her music career.


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Why does Lady Gaga hate her own video and song «Telephone»?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga said that she does not like to watch the video for the song “Telephone”, because she hates it.

Gaga said she wanted to make a clip in the style of the movie “Pulp Fiction”, but nothing happened:

“Yes, this is definitely the worst in the world clip for me …But nothing, we must learn to pass and through it. “

Gaga says: “I can no longer watch the clip” Telephone “. I just hate it …

I and Beyonce together just fine. So many fucking ideas in this video and all I see – my throbbing brain is full of ideas.

I had something else to edit the clip. “Performer and told about his favorite video:

“It’s very funny, because a lot of kids did not like video for to the song ” Alejandro “, although this is my favorite clip.”

Lady Gaga last week sold a million discs

The album «Born this way» singer Lady Gaga just sold a million copies a week. If you buy Lady Gaga tickets you can hear more songs from her album.

Lady GaGa managed to improve its previous record result: her first studio album «The Fame» debuted on the charts then «Billboard» in second place.

«Born This Way» became the seventeenth album, which sold in its first week to overcome the bar of one million copies since 1991. Moreover, it is only a fifth plate issued by the performer of a female.

It is said that Lady Gaga has confused personal life with work.Otherwise it is difficult to explain what it is and life behind the scenes is the same incredible costumes and footwear, as well as concerts. As a result, her clothes not only gives her discomfort, but also harmful to health. The singer has had difficulty walking on her feet. The reason for that is a very tall heels.

Management singer looks for an orthopedic doctor, who will help her overcome the effects of ill-considered choice of footwear. In addition, perhaps, during the treatment with Lady Gaga will even act in the sneakers.


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Katy Perry will be awarded in ninth nominations simultaneously!

Katty Perry

Katty Perry

On the List of MTV announced the nominees for the award MTV Video Music Award this year. Singer Katy Perry has become a favorite of MTV VMA 2011 performer pretends to immediately award in nine categories.

In five nominations submitted video Katy Perry, who was on the song the singer under the name «ET». Rapper Kanye West also took part in the recording of the song Katy Perry «ET». Himself a rapper with his songs announced in six categories.

Singer Katy Perry is represented in these categories: “Best video of the performer,” “Best Pop video”, “Video of the Year” and “Best Duet,” “Best Director”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Art Direction”, ” Best Film Editing, ” “Best Special Effects.”

British singer Adele is declared in seven nominations of MTV Video Music Award 2011.

This year, Lady Gaga, presented only in three categories. Last year the singer was a triumphant ceremony MTV VMA.

The ceremony of awarding MTV VMA 2011 will be held in Los Angeles August 28, 2011. To know more new information only read the next article on our site. Also here you can find and Buy Katy Parry tickets online. We wish you to have a good time and always be in a good mood. Visit our site more often.

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Rihanna has already beaten all records…


Rihanna on the results of this week is a leader in one of the music charts magazine Billboard, namely Social 50 Music Chart. Make this a rating based on the popularity of an artist-in social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, with the help of service Next Big Sound journalists gather all sorts of references to those or other artists from the sites of iLike, MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter .Rihanna has more than 41 million fans on Facebook. In Twitter and MySpace on the rise. In general, Pu is about 6184000 and the followers of MySpace friends. Chart was first launched on 2 December 2010 and its first leader was again Rihanna! This is another proof of love for Rihanna millions of fans! Congratulations! Tonight were announced nominees for tsereomoniyu Music Awards MTV Video Music Awards 2011. Rihanna is presented in six categories, most unfortunately, not in profile:

  • Best male video (Best Male Video)
  • Cee Lo Green – F *** You
  • Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
  • Bruno Mars – Grenade
  • Kanye West feat. Rihanna & Kid Cudi – All of the Lights
  • Justin Bieber – U Smile
  • Best hip hop video (Best Hip Hop Video)
            In addition to the constant awakening of curiosity among the readers (mostly interested in who finished last, not first) in the charts and there is no doubt “sterile” list of numbers and figures. Everything and everyone is counted, classified, and ultimately referred to the scale of values.
            Who is this lucky girl? It makes no sense to doubt – it’s Rihanna, once a rising star of R’n’B, at the moment, it is undoubtedly the best contender for the role of the queen of pop culture. Rihanna tickets can prove to you that Rihanna is the best singer.  You may wish to wonder – “Is not it must be Lady Gaga?” Not at all. In terms of popularity and fame, now Rihanna has selected a crown on Facebook of Lady Gaga, furnished to a hundred thousand subscribers (to be perfectly honest, the Tweet Lady Gaga is still leading with 11 million fans, but fans believe that Rihanna will be able to “beat” everybody). Subscribe to our blog to know more!
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The time of creation the most creative Blue man group

Blue man

Blue man

The original trio was formed in late 1980 when three friends, then in their twenties, came together as a group of guerrilla theater on the streets of Manhattan (Guerrilla Theatre performance to dramatize a social issue that will be adopted outside of traditional theater, often in the park or on the street.) Their first public appearance in Central Park in New York in 1988, when nine members of an informal group that met regularly to discuss social issues raised street theater event called the funeral in 1980. In the show, members of the group, they all wear blue paint, and threw items of the 1980s in a coffin, and expressed the wish that they would never see them again. Elements represented by such icons as the 1980 yuppie (young up-and-mobile professionals), crack cocaine, and post-modern architecture.


Every aspect of performance The Blue Man Group had been carefully organized. The original concept was that the performances will be introduced by performers. Boys disappeared when they put on blue paint, replaced with something more “deep”, as explained Wink Avins. The purpose of the group was to challenge notions of their audience, that is art, music, and theater.

Soon the band began performing in ten to 20-minute chunks on the open mics around New York for money net. Little by little, they developed the following, and were soon invited to perform an hour of material in the theater avant-garde theater space of the theater company of Worcester. Finally, they were presented at the Festival of the Performing Arts was held at Lincoln Center, where they were given three minutes standing. There they were seen production team, who wanted to finance the off-Broadway show with the group. Blue man tickets you can order on site right now.

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Ready to spend your summer vacation in the style of Britney?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

The official online store of Britney Spears is a new product – a set of beach Femme Fatale, which includes a large bag “Femme Fatale”, a luxurious orange-yellow towel embroidered with “Britney Spears” and an aluminum bottle for water.

This product goes on sale July 20 (Wednesday) at 11:00 Pacific time and will be available for only 54$ 9.

July 18 Britney Spears came on the scene Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. While Nicky Minazh warmed up the audience Brit added a new message in Twitter:

“Nicky Minazh lights in Nashville.I see you, girl. I cannot wait to get to the scene”. – Brit.

Read below for answers of Britney fan feedback about the last show in Nashville Femme Fatale:

“Thank you, Nashville … – Britney replied, Tonight, you impressed me! Thank you for an amazing night in Nashville!”

“Ay, thank you Blake! – Brit wrote in response to @ nashvilleblake: Femme Fatale tour –  is your best! Definitely a life changing!”

I like the picture on your page:) – Britney wrote @ jordanizer: Britney Spears, thank you for the best night of my life! Meeting with you was a dream come true:) There are slightly less than two months before the grand event – the arrival of Britney Spears is the biggest country in the world – our dream!!!

We remind, on September 22 in St. Petersburg and Moscow on September 24 2011 Britney will present her show “Femme Fatale”. Also Spears is going to perform new songs in many countries. Have you already bought cherished tickets? If no, do it now, buy britney spears tickets online.

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The Rascal Flatts’s art of singing beautiful songs

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts


The Rascal Flatts’s art of singing beautiful songs

            Group «Rascal Flatts» has more than 30 music awards, including on behalf of the Academy of Country Music (ACM), Country Music Television (CMT), American Music Award (AMA) and the Country Music Association (CMA). If you really appreciate the band’s creativity you should buy the Rascal Flatts tickets. They have many fans all over the world; you can become one of them, only join the concert.

Award People’s Choice ” – the popular American award, which is awarded to figures of pop culture on the basis of audience voting. Awarded annually since 1975.Until 2005, the winner in each category found out through a poll, and then organized the vote on the Internet. Produced by «Procter & Gamble» and broadcast on channel CBS.

Under the same name in 2008, Russia launched a unique project – the on-line entertainment center public opinion research in the field of film, theater, television, popular music, fashion-industry and show business.

Now users Runet can express their views on the events in the world of show business, vote for your favorite stars, and the most active users of the resource to get into television.

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Boy band Backstreet Boys broke all records in the sales of their successful albums.

BackStreet boys

BackStreet boys

Breakthrough in the U.S.. 1997 – 1999

            After the release of their next single «Quit playing games» in August, the group began recording their new album. In August 1997 the band released the album «Backstreet’s Back».Pop music back to the States with such groups as the Spice Girls and Hanson. In the U.S., their album was supposed to be a debut, so the band released «Backstreet Boys (US edition)», a compilation of songs from the European version of «Backstreet Boys» and «Backstreet’s Back». The album had a huge worldwide success, selling 28 million copies. Group soared to the top of the charts with several singles: «Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)», «Everybody» and «I’ll Never Break Your Heart». Backstreet Boys were nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist.

In December 1997, began a concert tour, which covered 60 cities in 20 countries.In 1998, Brian Littrell in the middle of the tour for 39 U.S. cities endured open heart surgery, at the urging of his girlfriend (now wife) Leanne Wallace. The operation has already twice been postponed at the request of management.After 8 months of recovery time, a tour in support of their second album continued. In October 1998, the Backstreet Boys was handed the keys to the city from the mayor g.Orlando in gratitude for the assistance to victims of a tornado.In February 1999, the group refused the services of management, replacing them on the company «The Firm»,

«Millennium»: the next album. 1999 – 2000

            Work on the new album was in September 1998. Expectations, fueled by success of the new single, «I want it that way» were high.May 18, 1999 was released the next album – «Millennium», the songs from which was co-written with band members. The album was launched on the Billboard 200 in the first place and stayed there for ten weeks. In the first week after the release of the album broke sales records (1,134,000 copies). «Millennium» has received 5 Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year. It is eight in the list of best-selling album in the world, with sales of more than 40 million copies. This summer the band is going to perform a huge tour do not forget to buy Backstreet Boys Tickets.

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A platinum album of the band Incubus



Make Yourself is the third studio album by American rock band Incubus, released on October 26, 1999. The album went double platinum in the U.S.. After the release of the single Pardon me relevant hit on MTV, so its circulation approached the platinum mark. Meanwhile, Make Yourself at and hit the very end of the Top 50, but sold steadily, and eventually collected a double disc platinu. Bonus tracks

  • Pardon Me (Acoustic) 3:47
  • Stellar (Acoustic) 3:16
  • Make Yourself (Acoustic) 3:13
  • Drive (Live Orchestral Version) 4:04

The invitation of the musicians

Dave Holdridge – cello in the «Drive» and «I Miss You» Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark – more scratches in the «Battlestar Scralatchtica»


            Scott Litt and Incubus the sound effect obtained manually pulling the audio track (up and down, either forward or backward), recorded on vinyl records or tape during playback on the player or the coil (reel) tape recorder. Is one of the basic techniques of DJing (DJ-Inga). Likewise, this effect is obtained in the virtual DJ system (CJ-Inga).

It was originally just a side effect when receiving loops manually, but very quickly became a feature and a separate reception.

Sound effect when you play the guitar, obtained by sliding the winding strings fingers, clamping the strings to the frets.

Scratch – is a documentary film in 2001 (directed by Doug Pray) about the origins of DJing and hip hop culture. Incubus tickets you can order here.

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From what members does Blue Man group consist?

Blue Man

Blue Man

If you mix theater, visual arts, science and vaudeville, playing the unusual percussion instruments and three dark blue guys – it will not just a team, and a special phenomenon in contemporary American culture, which is called the Blue Man Group. Participants in the New York-based trio called Met Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink. Not very long time ago, the debut album “Audio” was nominated for the award “Grammy” in the category “Best Instrumental Pop Album”. Released in 2000, the album reached gold status in 2002.

Their other CD is consists of the Complex of differs significantly from the previous one. It departed from the group of purely instrumental.

Music and released in essence of rock ‘n’ roll record, invited to collaborate on a plate for artists such as Dave Matthews, Gavin Rossdale, Tracy Bonham, Dan The Automato and others. Recorded with the band Gavin Rosdeylom BUSH song “Current” the soundtrack recent blockbuster “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.” In addition, the song I Feel Love is the original cover version of the classic disco hit.

In order to carry live version of the album on the American team invited to co-operate very well-known production designer Marc Brickman, which in the past worked with Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Nine Inch Nails. The tour to support the new album took place this summer and was very successful. Blue man concerts can open you the world of creative.

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